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FMA Fic Contest

Full Metal Alchemist Fanfiction Contest!
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FMA Fanfic Contest: Come write with us!
Update 5.16.16: After a long and wonderful run, this community is now closed. There won't be any more weekly prompts or voting, but all past contest entries will remain here as an archive for everyone to enjoy! Thanks to all of our members for making this community a fantastic place to be.

Welcome! This community is for WEEKLY fan fiction challenges for the Full Metal Alchemist anime and manga series. This community is similar to naruto_contest, dn_contest, and bleach_contest.


Every week, a prompt and word count will be posted and community members will be encouraged to write for that challenge. This community welcomes all ratings, genres, pairings, and characters, and requires all NC-17 fics to be locked to the community. Interpret the prompts as you wish and let your creative energy take you to new places, knowing we're all here to have fun, develop our writing skills, and squee over each others' FMA-love. Only fics directly related to the contests of this community may be posted here. Also, it is prohibited for members of this community to copy any post that is member locked to this community and paste the contents elsewhere; we as a community value our members and understand and agree that only the author of the fic may cross post their own work and anyone who violates this member lock policy will be banned from further participating in this community. We have not had any problems, but we do want current members and potential members to know that we are committed to keeping our community a wonderfully fun, mutually respectful, and an amazing, positive, interactive place to be!

Each week's winners will receive banners to post in their LJ's and covet shamelessly. All members are eligible (and encouraged) to read, comment, and vote each week, whether or not you submit an entry. Writers are key to our success, but having ample readers, commenters, and voters is equally important.

Word Counts:
Word counts will be on a rotating basis of four ranges: 100-250, 251-500, 501-1000, Open/Free (totally up to you how much you want to write for your fic!). See Prompts sidebar and weekly prompt posts for each week's count. We're using the honor system here: we're not going to count the words of your entry each week. Please stick to the range given and work with it as part of the week's challenge and fun.


This community has decided to follow suit with its sister communities and have membership open to all ages, though it will be moderated (you must have and keep an active, up-to-date LJ to help us avoid puppets/trolling, then apply to join, and make sure your PMs are enabled so the mods can communicate with you). However, let's be clear about this: Although all ratings are allowed here, this community honors LJ's policies and asks all its members to refrain from seeking out material that they know includes content they are not permitted in their state or country to read.

Once you're in, please snag-n-display our first participation banner (courtesy of the giddy salomesensei):



Challenges are listed in our Prompts sidebar and an official prompt notice will go up every Friday morning to let you know it is ok to begin posting your submissions for that week. The deadline for entries will be midnight est each Thursday. Friday morning the vote post for that week will go up, along with the new challenge.

All submissions must be freestanding, first-run work. If an entry is related to a chapter fic or other work you have written, it must be able to be understood independently of that ongoing work, though you may put a brief explanation of context or link to other work in an author's note. The main goal is to have all work new and enjoyable without prerequisite reading. You may submit only one entry per theme. (Co-authored fic is permitted, but a co-written entry will count as the single entry for both writers that week.) Regarding extending deadlines for any given round, extentions will be made in the event that a round receives less than three entries and announced only after the original deadline has passed.

You may not submit by linking to your LJ or crosspost fics until after the week's contest is over. Please and thanks.

All entries MUST be LJ-cut, spell-checked and have a reasonable attempt at proper grammar, spacing and punctuation. Learn how to do an LJ-cut here.

Format for Entries:

Before the LJ-cut, include the following information for all entries:

Author: (your LJ account name or preferred pen name for banners)
Series: tell us which version(s) this applies to
Word Count:
Rating: all ratings accepted (G, PG, PG13, R, NC-17)
Characters: all characters and pairings accepted
Summary: give us a clue, but keep secrets if you wish
Warnings: spoilers, adult content, fluff, squick, character deaths, etc...

Subject: In the subject line, please include the prompt number, prompt, and title of your fic. For example:
Prompt 1, Automail Dysfunction, "Not Again"

Tags: Please tag your entries with the prompt number and your name (mods will add these as individuals enter for the first time, then you can include them in future weeks).


Vote each week by replying to the comment-screened vote post, ranking your choices for favorite/best fics in order of 1st, 2nd, 3rd. During weeks when we have more than 20 entries, we will award 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th place.

The deadline for votes will be Sunday at 8pm US EST, except during open prompt weeks, when we will extend to Tuesday at 8pm US EST.

You may not vote for your own entry, but it is good manners and fair play to vote during any week you enter.

Please read all fics for a given week before voting. This is about enjoying and rewarding fic not friendship or popularity.


We're all here to share our work and enjoy that of others. Please help us see to the care and feeding of every writer by offering some encouragement and honest praise to what you read. In addition, constructive criticism is strongly encouraged. We are all here to practice our writing, and feedback to help us grow is wonderful. Flames will NOT be tolerated. If you flame, you WILL be banned!

Have any questions, concerns, feedback, or general comments? We want to hear from you! Please PM your moderators, a_big_apple or bay115, at any time.

Want to affiliate? Please PM a_big_apple.


*Special thanks to:
salomesensei, co-moderator of iyhedonism and co-creator of fma_fic_contest,
darkblysse, sky_dark and melodyic_rhyme for your beautiful banners,
and to lye_tea, the moderator of naruto_contest, for allowing us to mirror many of the above guidelines.

Thanks also to our wonderful members for your love, support and contributions!