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Between the Mountains and the Sea

Prompt 34 Winners!!!

*Yikes, look at the time! So much for posting by Monday morning! ~facepalms~*

Hey everyone! Gather 'round, have a seat, (andy watch where you park it 'cause where's there's grass there's pie, and not Pinako's or Gracia's that's for sure!) and help yourselves to a glass of milk and lots and lots of cookies!!!

Ah 'cow', symbol of our beloved Arakawa-sensei, domesticated animal and curious bystander, being of religious, traditon and folklore and prominent figure in the zodiac and heraldry...............and the subject of 18 amazing fics!! Awesome job everyone! And yes, yes, yes it's so hardddd to choose between them all I knowwww!!! Gah, who knew cow-fic could quench the thirst for fma stories and be so satisfyingly good? XDD

Ready for our Prompt 34 winners??

First place goes to Inhuman Resources by bob_fish

Second place goes to Walking In Circles by stackcats

and Third place goes to Pants, by our very own comm's banner goddess herself- sky_dark!

Congrats winners, thank you all contestants, and thank you readers and voters for participating in this round of fma_fic_contest!!

Banners will be coming soon!
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