Salome (salomesensei) wrote in fma_fic_contest,

Prompt 28 Winners!

The only thing that can match an ample batch of fabulous entries is an ample batch of active readers and voters!

The Prompt 28 Hunt is over: to the winners go the trophies! (Ok, the winners of hunts get dead animals, mostly, so I'm glad this is an online and bloodless contest!)

First Place: The Good Doctor by raja815

Second Place: For the Sport of It by jamminbison

Third Place (tie): Aftermath by cornerofmadness and Circuit Theory by bob_fish

Congratulations, Great FMA Hunters! Your banners shall soon be brought forth that you may brag about their shininess to all who will listen!


*sniffle* perhaps the last time I'll use my Hughes Mod icon for a while *bawls*
Tags: prompt 28, winners
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