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Prompt 359: Open or Good-Bye || "Make Me A Match"

Title: Make Me A Match
Author: capnhoozits
Series: Brotherhood/Manga
Word Count: 2140
Rating: T for a litte language
Characters: Ed, Winry, Scar, Roy, and Riza
Summary: Ed, Winry, and Scar team up on a mission
Disclaimer: I do this for love, not money
Author's note: Threw this craziness together and entered it late. Not a good-bye, really. More of a resolution, maybe. I wanted to be part this historic moment. I love you all!

Ed had found a pair of binoculars in the attic that had belonged to Winry’s father. He dusted them off and began taking them wherever he went. At the moment, he was sitting under the shade of a tree on a hill overlooking Kanda, studying the surrounding area through the lenses.

Further down the hill behind him, Winry and little Urey were playing. Urey had recently learned to walk, and now he was standing on his mother’s feet as she held his hands and pretended to take big steps. The little boy giggled like this was the best thing ever because, at the moment, it was.

Ed could hear the scuff of a pair of approaching feet that were attached to someone of considerable size. Probably Scar. It was around four o’clock and school would have let out.

“What is he doing up there?” he heard the deep voice ask.

“Playing with his toy,” Winry replied, then, pitching her voice lower and gravelly, “Monster ste-e-eps!”

Urey giggled again and Ed chuckled to himself. Who would have thought Ishval would become such a comfortable, welcoming place? Mainly it was Winry everybody went all gushy over, and little Urey, of course, because Ishvalans went all gushy over babies. Even Scar, who tried not to look like he was going gushy, but didn’t hide it very well.

“And how are you today, little princeling?” Pure, unadulterated gush. Ed heard his son give a squeal of delight. Judging by the way the sound was travelling, he was being lifted up in the air by someone taller than Winry.

The steps came closer and halted beside him. “It’s changed a lot, hasn’t it?”

It was a lot easier to talk to Scar these days. Ed couldn’t really put his finger on why. Probably because they no longer had much reason to beat the crap out of each other, except maybe for fun. Maybe they were just mellower, now that their personal journeys had come to a favorable conclusion.

“It sure has,” Ed replied. “Even since we were here last—what—six months ago?” Ed peered over the roof tops, adjusting the focus. “That building there is getting a dome, huh? That’s the Kanda Civic Center, isn’t it.”


Yes, a lot had changed. Ed pointed the binoculars down to the streets below, where he saw a familiar sight. He gave a quiet snort and shook his head.

“Some things never change,” he remarked.

“What?” Scar asked, just the slightest hint of concern in his voice. Even a hint at a bump in the road to Ishvalan recovery could set him off.

Ed handed the binoculars up. “Third street up from the base of the hill. About ten o’clock.”

Scar traded Urey for the binoculars and looked down through them. After a few moments of searching, he also let out a quiet scoff.

“Okay, now what?” Winry demanded, coming up beside them. “You two being a couple of peeping Toms over here?”

“No,” Ed chuckled back. He glanced up at Scar. “That’s somebody who spies on people, usually naked women.”

“I know what a peeping Tom is,” Scar replied, still studying the street below, moving the binoculars slightly to the left. “There was one in my neighborhood when I was in my teens.”

Ed laughed. “Wasn’t you, was it? Were you a wild teenager?”

“No,” was the dry reply. “He didn’t do it for long, though. Some young woman’s brothers and father caught him. Whoever he was, he was a fast runner.”

“So who are you spying on?” Winry asked.

“General Sparky and the Cap,” Ed told her. “She still walks along just behind his left elbow, both of ‘em ramrod straight.” He shook his head again. “I don’t know who they’re trying to fool, themselves or each other.”

“Let me see!” Winry held her hand out for the binoculars.

Scar handed her the binoculars. “There. They’re just passing by the Silver Feather.” He pointed down toward the streets below, specifically at a tavern that had recently opened and had become something of a landmark in Kanda with its bright red awning.

Winry studied the scene through the binoculars. “Well…I’m sure they have their reasons.”

“Bullshit,” Ed muttered.

“Ed!” Winry reached down and bopped him on the head. “No cussing in front of Urey!”

“It’s disgraceful!” Scar growled.

“Hey! I don’t cuss around Urey! Much…”

“No, I meant them, but my mother would have—“

“Washed your mouth out with soap?” Ed grinned “Been there, done that, I’m afraid. It didn’t work.”

“So I noticed.”

“I remember when I first met Riza,” Winry mused, lowering the binoculars. “I asked her why she became a soldier. She said it was because she had someone she wanted to protect. I still remember the look in her eyes when she said that.” She sighed. “It was adoration. I was pretty young at the time, but I could still tell.”

“Any idiot could tell they’re gaga about each other—No, no!” Ed blurted out quickly as Winry held the binoculars up in preparation for braining him. “Those are expensive and I didn’t mean you!”

Winry chose to give Ed’s ponytail a tweak. “So, what’s disgraceful about them.” She snickered. “Are they doin’ the nasty on the sly?”

“Oh!” Ed exclaimed. “Now who’s corrupting our son?”

Winry flapped a hand at him. “Oh, hush! He’s not gonna pick that up.”

“No, they’re not doing anything on the sly,” Scar replied with a slight roll of his eyes. “Not that I’m aware of.”

“Well, that’s what ‘on the sly’ is all about.”

Scar let out an impatient breath. “They conduct themselves with propriety and decorum at all times.”

“All times?”

“As far as I know. I am not a peeping Tom, remember.”

“Huh.” Ed held his hand out for the binoculars and Winry handed them back. He held them up to his eyes. “Too bad. Amestris’ best kept secret.”

“So if they’re not…I don’t know…consummating their love,” Winry went on, “what’s disgraceful?”

“They should be consummating their love! That’s what’s disgraceful!” Scar replied with exasperation, throwing his hands in the air. “I do not understand what in all of Ishvala’s vast creation they’re waiting for!”

Winry’s mouth dropped open.

“Keep it down!” Ed hissed. “We’re up on a hill and—oops!” He chuckled a little nervously. “Looks like the Hawk’s Eye has a set in the back of her head.”

“Oh! Did she look up here?” Winry waved to the street below.

“Oh, good, Winry. Now they both know we’re up here spying on them.”

“Well, it’s nearly time for supper anyway,” Winry said, unconcerned. She turned away and started down the hill. She stopped and turned around with a smile on her face. “Hey, let’s go to the Silver Feather! Mrs. Shartifa already offered to watch Urey if we wanted to go do something by ourselves!”

Ed took a quick look through the binoculars. “They just went in! If we hurry, maybe they’ll still be there!” He looped the binocular strap around his neck and stood up, swinging Urey up in his arms. “You wanna spend the evening with Mrs. Shartifa, buddy? She’ll stuff you full of pastry and sing you songs and all the good stuff.” He turned to Scar. “You coming?”

Scar frowned. “Why? What are you planning?”

“Not sure yet.” Ed started off after Winry. “We’ll figure it out when we get there.”

Barely half an hour later, Winry and Ed strolled into The Silver Feather, their son safely in the care of the landlady at the inn they were staying at. Scar followed them, a little cautiously. This wasn’t a place he frequented, and the other patrons, somewhat surprised to see the somber cleric, waved and greeted him.

At a table in the corner sat Brigadier General Mustang and Captain Hawkeye. They sat across from each other, watching the newcomers arrive.

Winry waved at them. “Hey! Look who’s here!” She moved through the tavern toward their table. “Fancy meeting you here!”

Roy smirked dryly. “Fancy that.”

“As if you didn’t know,” Riza added as the three sat at the table next to them. “Why were you spying on us?”

“Spying?” Ed shrugged, his gold eyes wide and innocent. “We weren’t spying!”

Saahad?” Riza turned to Scar with a lift of her eyebrow. “Is this true?”

“Not completely,” Scar replied. Winry hissed and smacked his arm. He flinched but otherwise ignored her. “You simply came into our view and then became the subject of some interest.”

“We thought you were just being nosy,” Roy said, taking a swallow from his glass of whiskey. He didn’t care much for the lethal Ishvalan halmi.

“We were.”

Ed and Winry groaned a little. “Why did we bring him?” Ed whispered. Winry shrugged.

“Did you think we wouldn’t notice?” Roy asked with a grin.

“Well, considering how oblivious you are otherwise…” Scar left off with a shrug.

“Oblivious?” Riza echoed with a sly look. “You should talk. What about Dayira, the weaver? Or Naia, who runs the vegetable stand? Or Siwa, the lady who keeps the bees and sells that wonderful honey?”

Scar looked at her blankly. “What about them?”

Riza sat back and folded her arms. “My point exactly. Oblivious. I notice how they follow after you with their eyes. And if you don’t realize that they’re flirting with every time you talk to them, then you’re not only oblivious, you’re as thick as an elephant omelet.”

Ed and Winry snickered. Scar opened his mouth, but nothing came out.

“So, what’s your point?” Roy asked.

Winry leaned forward. “Why the hell aren’t you two married yet?” she demanded bluntly. “I mean, seriously?”

Roy considered them somberly, then exchanged a slightly uncomfortable look with Riza. “That’s not really up for discussion.”

“Look, Mustang!” Ed met the general’s onyx eyes. “I’ve know you two since I was a kid. So has Winry. I think I can say we know you pretty well. And Scar, here”—Ed jerked a thumb at the priest—“he’s known you for a while now, right?” He held his hands out entreatingly. “We can see through this show you put on for everybody.”

Neither Roy nor Riza were smiling anymore. “I’m not sure this is any of your business, Edward,” Riza said quietly.

Ed scoffed. “Oh, really?” He pitched his voice up and said in a sing-song, “’You love Winry, don’t you?’ You remember that?”

Riza sighed. “Yes, of course I do, but—“

“No buts! I’m just as entitled to my opinion as you are.”

Before either Roy or Riza could counter that, Scar said quietly, “We all have history. We all have things we regret. Some of us more than others. But this is a new world we’ve created, us together. We’re creating new history every day.” He spread his hands. “Ishval has risen from the ashes of the past, proud and unafraid. Your lives can rise as well. It's time to stop letting your past halt your future.”

Ed nudged his arm. “That was good!” he whispered.

Roy and Riza stared at Scar quietly for a moment, then they stole a glance at each other.

“I would be honored to conduct the ceremony myself,” Scar added.

Winry let out an excited squeal and pressed her fists to her mouth. “Ooh! You have to do it before we leave!”

“We—we haven’t—decided on anything yet!” Riza stuttered awkwardly, something she never did.

“Well…” Roy cleared his throat. “I have to propose first, for one thing.”

Winry practically bounced in her seat. Ed held his breath.

Riza shot Roy a look of complete shock. “Are you…you aren’t…right here?”

Roy shrugged. “We can go somewhere else, somewhere a little more private,” he said with a dark glance at the other table.

“Oh, no!” Winry held up a finger. “Uh-uh! I don’t trust you! You do it right here where we can witness it!”

“I agree,” Scar said, folding his arms with a look like he wasn’t going anywhere and neither were they.

Riza propped her elbows on the table and covered her face with her hands. “This is so not how I had envisioned this.”

“Ha! But you did envision it!” Winry clapped her hands. “Then it’s settled!”

“Riza,” Roy said in a low urgent voice. “Can we just do this and make these people go away?”

Riza was silent for a moment, her face still covered. Then a muffled snicker could be heard. “Sure.”

“It’s not exactly romantic,” Roy said with a rueful smile.

“Neither is a train station, and neither is dragging equivalent exchange into it,” Winry countered. “So don’t do that. Just pop the question!”

Riza sighed and lowered her hands. She looked across the table. “Roy Mustang, will you marry me?”

Roy’s mouth fell open.

Winry grinned mischievously. “That works, too!”
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