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Prompt 300- Blueberries- Now That We Meet Again

Title- Now That We Meet Again
Author- ssadropout
Series- Maybe all?
Disclaimer- I read that Arakawa recently gave birth to her third child.  FMA is her brain child.
Rating- G
Characters- Roy and Riza/ a mention of Maes
Word Count- 496
Summary- Ishval. He hated seeing her there. (He loved seeing her.)
Author’s Note- WWII RAF pilots believed that blueberries and bilberries helped them see better at night.
I hardly remember how to do this. The last time I posted here was one day short of one year ago, but I have read and voted on the great fics posted during that period.

For the first couple of days after she revealed herself to him, he couldn’t bear to face her again. Hughes pestered him mercilessly. The Hawk’s Eye- what is she to you? Why don’t you go see her? But he avoided any place where he thought she might appear. She hadn’t said it, but he knew that she was there, at least partially, because of him. It wouldn’t have surprised him if the sight of him made her sick.

On the third day, he sought her out. He had decided to protect her (without her knowing it, of course), but the truth was that he really needed to spend time with her. He found her sitting on a large flat stone cleaning her rifle. She looked up at the sound of his footsteps as he drew close. She jumped up and saluted.

He waved the salute away, shaking his head. “Hey. How are you? I hope that I’m not interrupting.”

“I’m really just practicing. Developing muscle memory. There’s nothing much else I feel like doing before I go on duty.”

“Is it okay if I sit with you for a while, or would you rather I leave?”

“I don’t mind the company, Sir.”

He sighed, knowing that it would do no good to ask her to call him “Roy.” She had rarely done that even when they lived in the same house. As he sat down, he noticed the partially eaten piece of pie. She observed the vector of his gaze.

“Apparently the snipers claim that they can see better, especially at night, after eating Blueberry Pie. So, when possible, mess prepares a pie for those of us with night duty. I’m not sure what I believe, yet, but I I’ll tell them whatever keeps the pies coming. Would you like some, Sir?”

“No thanks,” he said. “You know, there might be something behind it. Blueberries are rich in anthocyanin. Anthocyanin is in a lot of the blue, purple, and red foods, including red cabbage. It’s a polyphenol. I’ve only read a little about medical alchemy, but I know that polyphenols are thought to promote positive body chemistry.”

“Alchemists! Well, I’ll take any help that I can get, especially if it tastes good. I trust that you will not tell them that red cabbage is equally efficacious, Sir!”

She may have “sirred” him again, but a small smile played on her lips.

“I promise to keep cabbage covert.”

They talked. Their conversation may have been a shadow of how it used to be, but a half-hour passed.

“What time is it, Sir?”

He took out his watched and showed her. 

“I’ve got to go. Thank you for coming to see me.” She rose gracefully to her feet, and he also stood.

“May I continue to visit?” he murmured, almost timidly. Her hearing was nearly as sharp as her sight.

“Of course, Sir.” She turned and started toward her tower. He watched until she faded into the twilight.

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