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Announcing Prompt 283!

Your prompt:  Cold Comfort
Your wordcount:  100-250
Your deadline:  Thursday, August 7th @ midnight EST

Happy writing!
Title: Your Body, My Wonderland
Author: chobot_so_hot
Series: Anime, I suppose
Word Count: 303
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Maes Hughes/ Roy Mustang
Summary: After all these years, Hughes knows Mustang like the back of his hand.
Warnings: You can imagine the adult content if you'd like

"Goddamn, Hughes" Roy sighsCollapse )

Prompt 282 - An Old Map: 'Fleeting Short"

Title: Fleeting Short
Author: SammyQuill
Series: Manga
Word Count: 246
Characters: Riza, Roy
Summary: A short from my WIP, Fleeting. Sequel to Frozen.
Warnings: N/A

Read more...Collapse )

Prompt 282 - An Old Map: X Marks the Spot

Title: X Marks the Spot
Word Count: 352
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Riza, Roy/Riza
Summary: Here is a map, he says.
A/N: I haven't posted here since 2012 and before that it had been 2009, so... hello. This is probably not my best work, but I'm trying to write again and Roy and Riza were always my best muses. I just haven't sat down with them in a long time. I need to reacquaint.

Roy Mustang, acrylic on canvasCollapse )

Prompt 282 ~ An Old Map ~ "Roadmap"

Title: Roadmap
Author: evil_little_dog
Series: 2003 anime/Conqueror of Shamballa
Word Count: 175
Rating: K+
Characters/Pairings: Edward, Alphonse
Summary: They’re stuck in this place.
Warnings: Post-Conqueror of Shamballa
Disclaimer: If I was making money, I’d have a nicer house, newer vehicle, newer laptop, and more dogs.
fma_fic_contest prompt: “An Old Map”

RoadmapCollapse )

Prompt 282 Reminder

Reminder:  all entries for prompt 282 are due tomorrow, July 31st @ midnight EST!

Prompt 282: An Old Map: Ghost Town

Title: An Old Map: Ghost Town
Author: BleedingCoffee
Series: All.
Word Count: 7626
Rating: PG13
Characters: Roy Mustang, Riza Hawkeye, Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric
Summary: Ed finds a ghost town that may have answers about the philosopher's stones but opens Pandora's box instead. Ed, Al, Roy and Riza go to inspect the town and have an adventure.
Warnings: RoyAi, Tangled conspiracies of both FMA series, few curses, AU for the sheer fact that none of this was in FMA just cooked up in my mind because of a simple prompt.

He however was overwhelmed immediately with guilt and looked down at the map again, feeling betrayed by his findings.Collapse )

Winners for Prompt 281!

Four winners this week!

First Place: Shards by missyquill

Second Place: Tremble if you Must by sonjajade

Third Place: Playing With Fire by cora_morant and Olives, Lemons, and Dates by cornerofmadness


Votes for Prompt 281 due Sunday Night!

Reminder: Votes for prompt 281 are due Sunday Jul 27th@ 8PM EST.

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Announcing Prompt 282!

Your prompt:  An Old Map
Your wordcount:  Open
Your deadline:  Thursday, July 31st @ midnight EST

Happy writing!!


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282 (July 25-31) - Open - An Old Map

283 (Aug 1-7) - 100-250 - Cold Comfort

284 (Aug 8-14) - 251-500 - Catch in the Throat

285 (Aug 15-21) - 501-1000 - Outside the Box

286 (Aug 22-28) - Open - Wheels



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