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Congs to everyone! ^__^

No Voting for Prompt 293

Still just one entry for prompt 293, so there won't be any voting this week.  A big thanks and congrats to chobot_so_hot for that single entry, The Roy Mustang Surveillance Log, Cont.!

Announcing Prompt 294

Your prompt:  Sweet
Your wordcount:  Open
Your deadline:  Thursday, October 23rd @ midnight EST

Happy writing!

Prompt 293 Extension

Hey all!  We've only got one entry for this week, so the prompt will be extended until Friday, October 17th at midnight.
Title: The Roy Mustang Surveillance Log, Cont.

Author: chobot_so_hot

Series: Anime… Season 2 episode 37…

Word Count: 798

Rating: PG-13, for some swearing (loads of swearing. Breda’s a potty mouth. <- (who even says
that anymore?)

Characters: Mustang/Havoc eventually (and there I’ve ruined the surprise), there’s Breda and Fuery, and a bit of Falman, with appearances by Hawkeye and her doggy.

Summary: The Flame Alchemist, the Bachelor Lieutenant, and the mystery of Warehouse 13 a slow building love affair that starts one sided, until Havoc starts to notice things…

Warnings: Language, very brief sexual reference

Note: Okay, so that I don’t turn in another last minute hot mess like last week, I’m ending this here HOWEVER because I’m quite brilliant I’ve decide to write a part two for NEXT WEEK with the prompt 294 and it can be as long as it needs to be which is AWESOME because I’ve already written some 700 words, so if I wrote out the dirty goodness that will probably follow this right now- it’d be too much. Maybe. I don’t know. Unless this is actually sucky and the caffeine expresso haze has just made me over confident. I guess I’ll find out if there’s comments…

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Prompt 293 Reminder

Reminder:  all entries for prompt 293 are due today, October 16th, by midnight EST!

Voting Extension for Prompt 292

We only got two votes for prompt 292, so voting will be extended until Tuesday, October 14th at midnight EST.

Let's get some more votes in, guys! Go here to read this prompt's three entries and cast your vote.

Votes for Prompt 292 due Monday Night!

Reminder: Votes for prompt 292 are due Monday Oct `13th@ 8PM EST. (Due Monday instead of tonight as I extended the prompt an extra day).

Click here for details and to cast your vote!

Prompt 292- Forgotten: "Tincture"

Title: Tincture
Author: Sonja Jade
Series: Brotherhood
Word Count: 408
Rating: G
Characters: Ling, Lan Fan, Mei, the souls in the Philosopher’s Stone they’re taking back to Xing
Summary: Life in the vial is awful.
Warnings: no beta
Author’s Notes: I can’t even imagine what being a philosopher’s stone is like…  terrifying I’m sure.
Prompt: Forgotten

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290 (Sept 19-25) - Open - Cool

291 (Sept 26-Oct 2) - 100-250 - Fruit

292 (Oct 3-9) - 251-500 - Forgotten

293 (Oct 10-16) - 501-1000 - Diary

294 (Oct 17-23) - Open - Sweet



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